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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Veterans Administration Loses Data AGAIN - Undisclosed Records Lost

Announced January 22nd, 2007
Portable Data Breach - Stolen Laptop

Department of Veterans Affairs (AGAIN!)

January 22, 2007


A locked car that had folders of veterans' identifying information was burglarized late Wednesday in downtown Bremerton, according to the Bremerton Police Department and the Seattle office of the federal Department of Veteran's Affairs.

The government-owned vehicle was broken into at a parking garage at Burwell and Pacific, and four folders of veterans' information and a government cell phone were taken, the veterans' affairs office said.

Bremerton police are investigating the car theft and the veterans office "is taking aggressive steps to protect and assist those who may be potentially affected," according to a press release.

Letters are being sent to the veterans which include information about obtaining a free credit check.

"The director's office is also reviewing policies and procedures to ensure they were followed," the press release said, "and will make whatever changes may be necessary to bolster the safeguarding of veterans' private information."

(iQBio Commentary - What the hell happened to the NEW POLICIES and PROCEDURES that were supposedly implemented after last years 26.5 million record breach by the Dept of Veterans Affairs? Why will these agencies, corporations and arrogant fools never learn?)

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Unknown said...

My husband died in a drowning accident last July. shortly after his death I recieve a letter informing me that a doctor left his briefcase in the lobby of the clinic that contained my husband's records. I was still grieving for my husband and now I have to worry that his his identity has been comprimised.