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Individual Records Were Illegally Breached. The National Pandemic of Stupidity Continues... Are You on the List?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

How to Make a Name for Your Company with Stupid Data Tricks

Announced January 18th, 2007
Data Breach UPDATE - TJX Companies
20+ Million Records Breached

Governing Privacy Law or Rule - PCI-DSS, State Laws, Federal Wire Fraud

How to make a name for your company - and do it real well!
  • Instruct Employees to Collect Unnecessary Sensitive
    Private Information - $ 10 per hour
  • Store Sensitive Customer Data on an Un-Encrypted
    PC - $ 700.00
  • Hole in Firewall for Hacker - $ FREE
  • Realizing through news reports that the ATTORNEY
    GENERAL of your home state is a victim of your
    stupidity - PRICELESS
Now, go explain to your shareholders, Board of Directors and the Authorities how and why you authorized this stupidity...

Attorney General Coakley victim of identity theft

Attorney General Coakley victim of identity theft

BOSTON -- New Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley admits to an identity crisis of sorts.

She says she's the victim of identity theft and she is taking the security breach personally.

Framingham-based retailer TJX is the latest company to have had its customer information compromised.

Potential victims number in the millions.

The thief used Coakley's information to buy a Dell computer.

Coakley says the system needs improving.

The customer data was hacked from a TJX computer system in mid-December.

If you think your private information may have been stolen, call the TJX help line.

The number is 1-866-484-6978.

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