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Thursday, February 01, 2007

TJX Hit with Second Class Action Lawsuit - FINALLY someone is being held accountable.

Bank files class-action lawsuit against retailer

WASHINGTON -- TJX has been hit with a second class-action lawsuit over the theft of customer credit card data by computer hackers.

The Boston Globe reports that Alabama-based AmeriFirst Bank filed the suit in U.S. District Court. The bank is seeking to recover the costs of replacing compromised credit cards and covering fraudulent purchases.

Other banks and financial institutions could join in the suit.

The Globe says the Massachusetts Credit Union League is also asking Framingham-based TJX to reimburse credit unions for the costs of reissuing credit cards.

A class-action lawsuit was filed earlier this week on behalf of consumers.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the security breach.

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Merchant911 said...

Like you said, "It's about time."

We'll probably never know the full extent of the loss and I wonder how many on-line merchants will get burnerd by this.

Now that we know this data is no longer "at risk" but has been compromised and is being used, banks should replace EVERY card and go after TJX for the costs.

Tom Mahoney

Anonymous said...

All of the chargebacks fall upon the merchant - NOT the bank. This is BS, because TJX is actually responsible for the breach of this data. Affected merchants should have recourse against TJX for their spurious acts if they are affected by the breach.